Snippets On Arguably The 8 Hottest Topics In The Sport This Week


1) Not A Typical Big Top

That was quite an entrance for Floyd Mayweather during “The Moment”. The crowd had a moment of confusion wondering if they had accidentally wandered into the wrong theatre in the MGM and ended up in Cirque Du Soleil KA.  Flamboyant and theatrical entrances are nothing new in boxing but outside of the occasional rapper escorting him to the ring apron, this was a bit out of character for Mayweather.

2) “Let’s Show A Little Class And Dignity”

It was refreshing to see Jim Gray check Adrien Broner on his rant after his fight. We need more interviewers to step in when the idiocy of the interviewee disrespects the interview. “The Problem”, Broner’s alias, is sadly not due to his exploits in the ring but more so out of it.  Broner didn’t look overly impressive in his return fight against Carlos Molina but did what he had to do to win. Yes, the antics were back such as showing the bolo punch several times, throwing Molina purposely to the canvas, acting like he was hurt, talking to his opponent, you know, the usual Broner stuff but I guess that’s what drives him.

3) Well, At Least He’s Consistent

Luis Collazo once again lost by decision in a career defining fight. One could argue that this would be the fourth time. See Hatton, Mosley, and Berto fights.  Collazo never quite got going and it was evident early on that Amir Khan’s speed was going to be the difference. Give Collazo credit, although outmatched and hitting the canvas several times, he showed incredible toughness in going the distance. After the high of beating Victor Ortiz, the low of this loss to Khan will sting for a while.

4) Maybe The Gloves Were A Cipher

Ok, unless you’ve been living in a cave, you heard of the brouhaha over the gloves in this weekend’s main event as the Mayweather Camp objected to the preferred gloves of the Maidana Camp due to the apparent lack of padding.“Glove Gate” ended up getting resolved but reared its ugly head in the post fight press conference. Crack the May-Vinci code they say, maybe gloves are a cipher?

5) “Ain’t Gonna Be No Rematch”…”Don’t Want One”…

The famous words uttered by both Apollo Creed and Rocky Balboa at the end of 15 grueling rounds in the classic film Rocky. We all know that they did end up fighting again because it was Hollywood after all but switching to the real world, I wish that those words were a case of life imitating art last night. Since Maidana was the first opponent to give Mayweather his first competitive fight in several years, the cries for a rematch were almost immediate as the judges’ score cards were revealed.  No rematch is needed here. Yes, Maidana was very competitive, but the rematch would be similar with a more convincing win by Mayweather. Mayweather would study the tape, make slight adjustments and win a lopsided decision. Mayweather is closing in on the end of his legendary career so I would rather see him fight a new opponent rather than one he has already beat.

6) The Case For Same Day Weigh-Ins

So, Maidana gains 17 pounds after the weigh-in and is fighting for the 147 pound championship? Must not have been a rehydration clause in the contract.  A few pounds ok, but 17? ENOUGH!! It’s time to bring back same day weigh-ins.

7) Faces In The Crowd

As I watched the PPV telecast, I couldn’t help but notice the stunned looks on the faces on the attendees at ringside. I cannot remember the last time I saw a Mayweather fight where the audience seemed so stunned.

8) Protect Yourself At All Times

Apparently after the Mayweather Maidana fight, there was a brawl in the crowd which left hundreds of people running for the exits. The chaos caused several people to get inured enough to have to be treated at a local hospital.  Rumors of alleged gunfire were not verified and not believed to have been true.

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