An Open Letter To Mr. Mayweather



I know that you feel you must answer these so called “critics” by fighting Marcos Maidana again in September but to hell with them, you defeated the man fair and square this past May 3rd. Did Maidana give you a competitive fight? Yes, but so what, your opponents are world class fighters just because it was out of the norm for a Mayweather fight, that it might actually be close, these so called “boxing aficionados” figured you lost and screamed “fix” and “rematch” almost immediately. I guess that’s what happens when you are a legend and moving towards G.O.A.T., or T.B.E status as you will. To hell with what the masses want, I’m going to be in the minority here, I don’t want a Maidana rematch. Surely not because I think he can beat you the second time around, but because as I understand, your legendary run will be coming to a close in late 2015. (However, maybe extended just one fight more to get that coveted 50th win?) I don’t want to see you fight a guy you just beat; I want to see a new opponent. For one, after you have had 4 months to study the tapes from the first fight, the rematch will not be close or competitive. One does not get into T.B.E. conversation without having one, if not the highest; ring IQ in the game. Secondly, the “experts” will never be happy with who you fight anyway so I get it. After you dominate Maidana in the rematch, they’ll say that you ducked another top contender by taking the rematch and if you fight another top contender instead of Maidana, they’ll say you ducked Maidana. So I guess it doesn’t matter. In closing………Wait, am I done with this letter? Did I actually almost complete it without mentioning the “Pride of The Philippines”. Blah… Blah… Blah… Ah yes, another favorite of the critics. I almost forgot to mention this possibility because to me it doesn’t matter. I just want this fight to happen so they will shut up about it and you put another W on the dossier.

They’ll miss you when you’re gone and it’s sad that it will take your retirement to bring this group around. Keep doing your thing Money, damn the majority.

A Fan

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