Snippets On Arguably The Hottest Topics In The Sweet Science This Week


Making The Most Of Your Opportunities

As the old adage goes, “Good things come to those who wait”; that could not have been truer for Kell Brook last night when he defeated Shawn Porter by majority decision and captured Porter’s IBF welterweight belt. Brook “almost” had opportunities in the past when he was scheduled to face then champion Devon Alexander a few times, but injuries cancelled the bouts. Porter ultimately was provided the title shot and defeated Alexander to capture the title thus eventually setting up the fight with Brook. Brook showed just how “Special” he is by boxing beautifully and countering Porter throughout the fight. Porter rushed Brook consistently throughout the fight and although he landed clean scoring punches from time to time, he missed more than he connected. Brook’s game plan was executed exceptionally well as he looked to use Porter’s aggressiveness against him by looking for openings in Porter’s guard. I hope Brook gives his team a bonus; they earned it with the game plan. Brook landed several solid shots during the course of the fight that seemed to surprise Porter. Although Porter stayed aggressive until the final bell, you could see the frustration on his face get more evident as each round passed. Brook did hold in an attempt to slow Porter and much has been said about that affecting the outcome of the fight. Yes, he did strategically hold when needed and it probably warranted at least a warning but that shouldn’t take away from the victory or Brook’s performance.

Keep Calm And Box On

Most impressive about Brook’s victory over Porter was his composure. Porter was rushing him with Tyson like aggression only to see Brook simply counter him, induce a clinch, or use excellent lateral movement to escape. He finally got his chance for a shot at the title and he did not let his nerves get the better of him.

Do We Have To Complain About Every Decision Now?

Ok, I know that there have been bad decisions in boxing and when the injustice occurs it’s appropriate to question the thought process of the adjudicator but the Brook vs. Porter decision was not one of those times. The decision and victory to Brook seemed to be blasted on social media and in some boxing circles. Sorry to disagree folks, they got it right.

Effective aggressiveness- Edge Brook (Before you argue this one, look up the definition of effective)
Ring Generalship- Edge Brook
Clean Effective Punching- Edge Brook
Defense- Edge Brook
Bottom line is Brook won this fight and was awarded the victory. It’s ok for the rightful winner to leave with belt, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

The Dog Bites The Scorpion

Anthony Dirrell defeated Sakio Bika to win the WBC super middleweight title in a highly anticipated rematch. Dirrell tried to take Bika’s title last December when the combatants fought to a draw in a foul filled affair. On Saturday night, a lot of the rough housing continued but mostly by Bika. Dirrell stayed composed and landed more punches, power shots, and jabs in route to a unanimous decision win. Both men had about eight months to watch the film and adjust their game plans. It was obvious that Dirrell was the better student and did his homework. Maybe the Dog ate Bika’s homework??

Moving On Up

140 will be getting a new resident. Omar Figueroa is on his way. Figueroa retained his WBC lightweight title with a ninth round TKO over Daniel Estrada but is now ready to move up to 140. We will be learning a lot about Figueroa at 140, it’s an awfully competitive division.

Roll Tide

Another Deontay Wilder fight, another knockout. Jason Gavern was the recipient this time around. This fight was exactly what it was supposed to be, a chance for The Bronze Bomber to get some work in while he awaits a chance to fight Bermane Stiverne for Stiverne’s WBC title. I think I preferred his beat down of the internet troll over this one.

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