Snippets On Arguably The Hottest Topics In The Sweet Science This Week.


Thanks For Winning, Your Parting Gift Is Labeled GGG…..

This past weekend, the WBC’s #1 rated middleweight, Martin Murray, defeated Domenico Spada by seventh round technical decision. Spada’s right eye had been cut early in the fight by a Murray head butt and while the fight had been relatively close at the time of the stoppage, Murray was winning the fight.

So, what does Murray get for his troubles? A February 2015 date with Gennady Golovkin.

In Murray’s only loss, he did take Sergio Martinez the distance in a closer fight than most expected and even floored Martinez in his backyard of Argentina but Martinez was clearly not physically sound in that bout.

Oddly, Murray used tactics against Spada that would serve him well against Golovkin, like tying Spada up when he tried to get his power shots off and throwing a lot of jabs, problem is Murray doesn’t have power enough to keep Golovkin honest.

Heavy’s Are Heating Up

Finally we are going to get some answers about the future of the heavyweight division.  It was announced that a fight between Deontay Wilder and Bermane Stiverne was near and may happen as early as January. What will happen when Wilder gets hit because he will get hit? How will Stiverne overcome the height and reach of Wilder to land his power shots and in doing so will he leave himself open for a counter? Yes, we are going to learn a lot in the near future.

Keep Telling Yourself  And You May Just Believe It

First, Freddy Roach said that Chris Algieri is not in Manny Pacquiao’s class and that he has jumped too soon.  Now, Roach claims that Pacman’s sparring partner Viktor Postol and others in the camp would be tougher fights than Algieri.  Yes, I know, just Freddy being Freddy, but honestly, I expected more out of a Hall of Fame trainer. He should know talent when he sees it. Ironically, he probably does see it which is why he feels the need to play the mind games. He must see something in both camps that has him concerned. Seems like he is trying to convince his camp more than Algieri’s? Truth is, Algieri is a new breed of fighter, 2.0 as you will. A different approach to training, nutrition, and strategic thinking. Be careful Freddy…

It Could Happen

So, Algieri wasn’t supposed to beat Ruslan Provodnikov, now he’s not supposed to beat Pacquiao. What if? What if he beats Pacquiao and it is him not the Pacman who is rewarded with a Floyd Mayweather fight? Of course, he will not be expected to win that fight either, but what if……….. What an epic run that would be.

Old Man Strong-The Case For Bernard Hopkins

Just less than two weeks away before the Alien meets the Krusher. Look for Standing-8’s article on BHop posted later this week.

Bombs Away

Tommy Coyle knocked out Michael Katsidis on Saturday with a wicked left hook counter in the second round. Katsidis, always a warrior, tried gallantly to get to his feet but was visibly too hurt to continue casing the ref to wave off the fight.  The win by Coyle will reportedly set up a fight against Luke Campbell, who also was victorious on an undercard bout.

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