Klitschko Drops The Steel Hammer On A Cobra In Hamburg, Germany


Wladimir Klitschko was hit with two of the cleanest punches that he has taken in some time in the fifth round against Kubrat Pulev but moments later it meant little as Dr. Steelhammer landed a fight ending left hook.

Pulev, 20-1 11KO, tried to set the tone by rushing Klitschko at the opening bell and roughing him up a bit. As the round progressed,  he was caught by a left hook and hit the canvas.  He got up and seemed a little wobbly as he received another left hook dropping him again.  He was able to beat the count and make it out of the round. The replays showed both were mostly flash knockdowns.

As the fight progressed, Klitschko, 63-3 54 KO, controlled each round by landing stiff jabs, solid right crosses, and crisp left hooks. Pulev continued to utilize all the roughness he could get away with like rabbit punching Klitschko and hitting on the break.  Pulev was down again in round three after taking a solid right hand and left hook combination courtesy of the champion. Pulev recovered and finished the round.

Pulev had some success in the fourth and although he lost the round, it was probably his best.  In the fifth, Pulev looked to continue his momentum, as he landed his best punches of the fight, a big left look followed by a right cross; however, as Klitschko responded, he landed a perfect left hook dropping The Cobra on his back. As Klitschko yelled at Pulev to stay down, he was counted out by referee Tony Weeks at 2:11 of the fifth round.  Give Pulev credit here, he came to win and landed some solid shots while making the champ uncomfortable with his rough tactics, he just couldn’t sustain his effort just as 62 other Klitschko opponents failed to do.

This was an impressive win by the undisputed champ, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a Klitschko opponent come straight forward and he responded like he is supposed to, by bringing out the Steel Hammer.

True to his word, Shannon “Everywhere You Go, I Go” Briggs was at ringside watching and apparently attempted to start another public spectacle but was prevent by security. No Shannon, it’s not you we want to see Klitschko against next, it’s the winner of Bermane Stiverne and Deontay Wilder, or Luis Ortiz.

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