Motown Destroyer, Super Bad Dominates In Vegas


Tony “Super Bad” Harrison (20-0 17 KO) stopped Antwone Smith (23-6-1 12 KO) in the second round on ESPN Friday Night Fights from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Wearing Spartan green, the Motor City slugger displayed a quick piston like left jab while mixing in left hooks and sneaky rights from the opening bell.

Late in the first round, Harrison landed a stiff jab that he followed with a crushing right hand dropping Smith. Smith was hurt badly but able to beat the count and wobbled to his corner at the bell.

At the start of the second, Referee Robert Byrd watched closely as Harrison quickly attacked Smith. Seeing that Smith was going to take severe damage, Byrd jumped in and stopped the fight about nineteen seconds in.

After the fight was stopped, Harrison got a little cardio session in, taking a victory lap around the ring.

In his post fight interview with ESPN’s Bernardo Osuna,  Harrison shared his thoughts on a few topics,

On being TV ready- “I feel like we still have work to do, that was just a small step to where we’re trying to get, to replace and reform Detroit how it used to be”

On why he was able to walk through Smith who many figured would be his toughest opponent to date- “I don’t know how to swim, if I go to the beach, I just want to put my feet in, that’s like my one and two rounds”

“Why would I want to go to the deep end where the sharks and stuff are at, when I can just put my feet in get paid quick and give the fans what they want to see and that’s knockouts?”

On what he needs to work on going forward- “I just have to work on, just keep me being me, you know, me and my team keep getting stronger, you know we’re looking for stronger opposition and we’re just going to continue to grind hard, humbling saying that, we came from the mud we’re trying to make it out, I want to be in Floyd Mayweather’s shoes one day and I’m going to keep working until that day comes”

On what it would mean to become a world champion for Detroit and for Emanuel Steward- “It means everything, I fight for Detroit, it means everything, Emanuel gave me the opportunity to platform myself to be with Al Haymon, my mom and my dad took real good care of me my family, my cousin, my brothers, you know we’ve been grinding since we were kids for this moment”

“It means everything for me to be able to reform Detroit and give the other kids in Detroit the opportunities that we didn’t have to make their ride a little bit easier”

That is now nine straight stoppages for Harrison, he is ready for the next step in his career. As the level of Harrison’s competition increases, we will no doubt see even more of what this rising star has to offer, he’s only just begun.

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