He’s Money Again


Floyd Mayweather (48-0 26 KO) dominated Manny Pacquiao (57-6-2 38 KO) with murderous right hand counter punching, a stiff jab, and some of the finest ring generalship you will see to put all doubts to rest with regards to this highly anticipated matchup. The pride of the Philippines was simply outclassed.

The judges scorecards- 118-110, 116-112 X2, Standing-8 had it 118-110.

Mayweather boxed brilliantly using his trademark defense to swiftly move out of harms way when Pacquiao tried to launch an attack. Pacquiao was able to land a few solid shots on the pound for pound great but it was mostly flurries to the gloves with no real threat. His inability to cut off the ring also contributed to his demise.

Mayweather jabbed enough to keep Pacquiao off balance while landing low to the body to keep him guessing and continuously making him reset. When Manny did try and rush Floyd, he was stopped in his tracks by solid jab, straight right or swift left check hook for his troubles.

Most of the rounds were a carbon copy of the next, brilliance, a masterpiece against a quality opponent.

After the fight, a good portion of the crowd booed Mayweather as he gave his post fight interview. Really??

The sport is called the sweet science, hit and don’t get hit. Mix it up on your own terms, use lateral movement, go to the body, out maneuver your opponent, control space and distance, and use your opponents strengths against him. Mayweather did all exceptionally well as he usually does.

Mayweather is one of the last complete fighters in the sport. Instead of booing the artistry, appreciate it, it’s what the sport is about.

The great ones don’t come around often and they’ll miss him when he’s gone.

The bottom line is Mayweather made a hall of fame fighter look ordinary and that speaks volumes about this living legend, like him or not.

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