“Greed” vs. “Public” The Fight Of The Century

For what shall it profit a man if they shall gain the whole world but lose their own soul? Boxing gained the world with the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao bout but in the end, did the sweet science lose its soul?

From the beginning, it was correctly speculated that this fight would be the most lucrative in the sport’s storied history but it wasn’t until “Mr. Greed” reared his ugly head and called out “Mr. Public” that we disappointedly understood the reality of the situation.

“Mr. Greed” vs. “Mr. Public”- The Fight Of The Century


 Although Pay-Per-View (PPV) prices have increased over the past several years, they have settled around the high fifties for a non HD telecast with HD in the high sixties. The PPV price for Mayweather/Pacquiao was set at Non HD= $89.95, HD=$99.95, a considerable increase.

 It is understood that when a big fight is in town, especially a Floyd Mayweather fight, hotels on the Las Vegas Strip will significantly increase. When this fight was announced, some properties tripled or in some cases, even quadrupled in price over “typical” Mayweather fight week prices.

 “Greed” establishes the jab, keeping “Public” off balance and unable to implement a counter attack.



 The cheapest ticket prices for the masses to attend Mayweather/Pacquiao started at $1,500 for a “nosebleed” seat and went up from there with only a reported five hundred made available to the general public in an arena that seats over 16K. Conveniently, all tickets sold out in minutes with a large majority immediately available on the secondary market starting as “low” as a years salary for most people, and in some cases six figures being the cost for the golden ticket.

 If that was out of your price range and you were going to Vegas, no need for frustration, you can watch on closed circuit for a price of $150 plus tax, oh, albeit only at MGM properties and only if you were lucky enough to snag a ticket in the hour before they too sold out. If not, tickets could be had on the secondary market with some asking and receiving four times the original amount.

 “Greed” lands an uppercut!!!!! “Public” is down!!

 For the first time, tickets are sold for a weigh in.  The tickets are very reasonable at $10 with the amazing gesture of all proceeds going to charity.

 “Public” is up at the count of seven and lands a counter right as “Greed” comes rushing in for the finish.

 Moments after all weigh in tickets sell out in under an hour, the secondary market was littered with them and listed upwards of $700 for a single $10 ticket. Dishearteningly, not all proceeds from the weigh in tickets sales will make it to the charities.

 “Greed ” hits “Public” with a low blow.



 As the world watched, Mayweather dominated Pacquiao with the beauty of the sweet science leaving countless fans unsatisfied…and then the unthinkable……Pacquiao claims that he had, and fought, with a shoulder injury; however, when filling out the pre-fight medical paperwork, the fighter and his camp documented a picture of health.

 As of this writing, there have been 13 class action lawsuits filed in eight states, each in excess of five million dollars alleging that Pacquiao’s injury “unquestionably materially, significantly and negatively affected the quality of the product” and that the failure to disclose the injury turned the “Fight of the Century” into the “Sleight of the Century.”

 “Public” lands an overhand right and rocks “Greed”

 The projected amount of money generated from the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight is (amount in millions) PPV $500, Live Gate $72, Sponsorship $13, and Closed Circuit- $10. It’s understood that the simple rules of economics applies here and supply and demand will always dictate pricing but when is it enough?

Sadly, a bad precedent has been set for future mega bouts…..the sweet science can bet its soul.

  “Greed” recovers and attacks “Public” to the ropes landing a blistering combination……”Public” is down!!!!!!…..”Public” has been knocked out.

“Was it a huntsman or a player, that made you pay the cost, that now assumes relaxed positions and prostitutes your loss? Were you tortured by your own thirst in those pleasures that you seek, that made you Tom the curious, that makes you James the weak?”  -Rodriguez

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