No Problems Being Showtime


“Showtime” Shawn Porter (26-1-1 16 KO)  defeated Adrien “The Problem” Broner (30-2 22 KO) by unanimous decision with scores of 114-112, 115-111, and 118- 108.

From the opening bell, Porter was the aggressor, using his powerful left jab to work his way in and landing overhand rights/lefts and multiple combinations while trying to deal with Broner’s bush league tactics.

Broner had his best moments when he landed left and right counter hooks as Porter rushed in but he discredited himself by constantly holding and pushing down the relentless Porter. Granted Porter was coming in low but Broner was intentional in his felonious actions. He was warned several times by referee Tony Weeks who rightfully could have taken a point many times but waited until the eleventh to do so.

In the twelfth and final round, Broner landed a perfect left counter as Porter came in and dropped him for the first time in his career. Poter got up with a look to say “ya got me” but continued his aggressive approach through to the bell. A little too late for Broner as it was just Porter’s night in all aspects.

Throughout the fight, Porter was just the more active fighter pushing every second. Even in the close rounds, Porter’s high energy attack was the difference. Look no further than the numbers to see Porter’s dominance. Porter threw more punches, 590 to 309, landed more 149 to 88 as well as led in both power punch categories, 398-206 thrown, 99-68 landed.

Porter on his performance after the fight –

“You know what? That’s how you beat a great fighter intelligently, we did everything we needed to do in preparation for this fight and coming out we wanted to establish our jab, establish that we are the better boxer, I think we did that over the course of the fight, try to stick with the pressure as well, and establish dominance”

Broner On The Loss-

I’m ok, my kids are ok, I’m financially fine,  it was a good fight at the end of the day, great champions can take a good loss, great champions can take a good win,

“I still will fight anybody, I am a real animal, I came to fight today, I didn’t get the decision, but at the end of the day, everybody here will take an autograph and take my picture”

For Porter, this is the start of a great run. A fight with Keith Thurman has been rumored in the past and no doubt he would like to avenge the Kell Brook loss. Wherever his journey takes him, his opponents better be ready to fight every second of every round against one of the best conditioned and well prepared athletes in the game.

For Broner…..he needs to get serious about his craft and have a back up plan when his strategy is not working. He has all the physical gifts but his mindset needs an overhaul. Broner will take on any challenge but anything North of 140 may be his Achilles heel.

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