Elliston and Sandate Look To Get Back On Track

Standing-8 had the opportunity to interview Melik Elliston and D’Angelo Sandate before their departure to Reno for the Olympic Trials. Both fighters were on the short end of the decision in the opening round of the tournament.

Elliston lost a close decision to Adrian Servin, 2-1 and Sandate lost to Nico Hernandez 3-0.

Both  fighters will have an opportunity to battle their way back into contention from the contender’s bracket. 

The format is double elimination, if a fighter loses once, they drop into a contenders’ bracket and have the chance to box their way back into the final. If they lose twice, they go home.

In interviewing both fighters they spoke about how they utilize each bout as a learning opportunity. They’ll have to put those lessons learned in to play quickly as they’ll be back in the ring tonight.

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