Frampton Over Quigg By SD


For the first half of his split decision victory over Scott Quigg (31-1-2 23 KO), Carl Frampton (23-0 14 KO), while not overly dominate, controlled the fight.

Using an active jab, slick defense, and timely body shots, Frampton arguably  won at least five out of the first six rounds.

Over the next six, Frampton looked to be wearing down. Quigg started throwing multiple punches, unlike the first half when he looked to be only focused on landing one big shot.

You can credit Quigg’s excellent body work for changing the tone of the fight and making it close down the stretch. Quigg attacked Frampton ‘ s core with work that would have made JCC, Fitzsimmions, Langford, & Armstrong proud.  The right hook to the rib cage was especially impressive and looked to be weakening Frampton.

The tenth was probably the best round of the fight as both men did great work in some toe to toe moments.

Quigg landed his best punch of the fight in the eleventh,  a blistering right hand that stunned Frampton. The Jackal was able to get through the round and came out in the twelfth taking it to Quigg in what was ultimately a close round.

In the end though, it was a case of Quigg starting too late.  Although Quigg  came on,  Frampton was able to make a few of the last six rounds close on his way to a split decision victory

The scores were 116-112 X2 for Frampton and a head scratching 115-113 for Quigg.

With the win, Frampton added Quigg’s WBA bantamweight title to his IBF bantamweight title.

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