Snippets On Arguably The Hottest Topics In The Sweet Science This Week

Boxing Police Called Out On A Robbery Call Saturday Night In Las Vegas

On Saturday night, the demand for a robbery investigation had not been that strong since the Trump v. Clinton scrap. As soon as Andre Ward (31-0- 15 KO) beat Sergey Kovalev (30-1-1 26 KO) by unanimous decision, 114-113 on all three of the judge’s score cards, the word “robbery” was trending. 1-Adam-12, 1-Adam-12, 211 in progress, 1-Adam-12, handle Code-3.

Standing-8 had went on record in last week’s Snippets stating that Ward would be victorious due to being the more skilled of the two and would be able to frustrate the Krusher en route to victory.

Even after taking Ward, still believe Kovalev to be the winner by the slightest of margins….aka…the knockdown. It was a close fight but the knockdown should have been the difference.

This wasn’t a Bradley over Pacquiao robbery….think of it more like when you pay for a medium drink at a convenience store and then go to the drink dispenser and fill up a large. It’s robbery but……..

Let’s move on, Ward won the fight. We cannot go back in time, we can only move forward. 

We here at Standing-8 will be reviewing the tape. Didn’t score the fight live, will score it watching the tape and determine if Kovalev by a point is still the call. 

Under Card Blues

We know that Ward v. Kovalev sells itself but how about putting together a card worthy of the event? Ok, I get it, it’s a business, you want to make the fortunes that come with pitting two top five P4P fighters against one-another but don’t want to pay out much.  The Stevens -De La Rosa fight was a nice start; however, although the others should have been better than they were, they all could have been opening bouts and nothing to build us up for the main event. It would have great to see the females of the sport get a shot on the card with the debut of Claressa Shields.

Notorious CMG-Mo Money, Mo Problems TMT 

MMA v. Boxing, Boxing v. MMA, blah, blah, blah….It is two different sports, stop the madness. Floyd Mayweather v. Connor McGregor will probably happen as a boxing event but only because it will sell. It would be a lopsided affair favoring Mayweather as it would be for McGregor if they fought under MMA rules. Boxing rules, Mayweather doesn’t lose a round, MMA rules, Mayweather goes to sleep.

Prayers Up-Blessings Down

Thoughts and prayers are with Edward Gutknecht who was taken to the hospital after his loss to George Groves.

Return Of The King

Vasyl Lomachenko (6-1  4 KO) returns this Saturday against Nicholas Walters (26-0-1 21 KO). There is more greatness to come from the Ukrainian and Walters will bring out the best in him. As he did when he fought Gary Russell, Hi-Tech will continue to show us what the sweet science is all about and why he is already a Top 10 P4P fighter seven fights in.  Great matchup!


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