S-8 Quick Peek….Wilder v. Ortiz

The Heavyweight Champ is fighting!!!! The Heavyweight Champ is fighting!!! There was a time when this statement attracted the attention of the world but in recent times, not so much. That said, the bigs have been making a comeback and look to gain more momentum this Saturday night. The Barclays Center in Brooklyn will be the venue when Deontay Wilder (39-0 38 KO) and Luis Ortiz (28-0 24 KO) scrap for Wilder’s WBC World Heavyweight Title. Will Bronze Bombs be the reason that King Kong topples from the Empire State Building?…..Read on……..

Tape Tales

Wilder- Age- 32, Height-6’7, Reach-83″ Orthodox

Ortiz-Age- 38, Height-6’4, Reach-84″ Southpaw

Last 3-

Wilder (3-0)

7-16-16 TKO 8 over Chris Arreola

2-25-17 TKO 5 over Gerald Washington

11-4-17 KO 1 over Bermane Stiverne

Ortiz (3-0)

11-12-16 UD Malik Scott

12-10-16 KO 7 over David Allen

12-8-17 KO 2 over Daniel Martz

Common Opponents May Provide A Bit Of Clarity

Malik Scott- While it was not quite the phantom punch, Wilder KO’d Scott in one round with a shot off the temple. Ortiz on the other hand went the distance with Scott in route to a UD.

Not much to take away from the Wilder fight other than when Wilder hits you in a venerable area, the fight is over.

In route to his UD, Ortiz had problems with the movement and speed of Scott and got touched up.

And The Winner Is……..

Speed never has a bad day. I’ll stop just short from saying that Ortiz is tailor-made for Wilder. If Wilder fights a disciplined game plan as he did in the first Stiverne bout this will end violently. Ortiz has decent head movement and overall skills for a big man but is a plodding fighter. Wilder is an above average counter puncher with speed and should catch Ortiz early and often. Doubt still hovers over the Wilder chin; however, we have seen him take some solid shots and has been no worse for the wear. Not Ortiz solid shots but it appears Wilder has been prepared for the journey.

Wilder will set the tone with his jab and keep the powerful Ortiz at distance teasing him at times by allowing him to come in and land a few shots. Wilder will also work his opponent’s body more than he ever has.  This will all be part of the gameplan. This will be his web. Wilder will look to unload the big right at the precise moment. This time, an uppercut to end it.

Heavyweight Champ John L. Sullivan once quipped, “I can whip any son-of-a-bitch in the house”

Wilder has the same mindset everytime out and seems like he is always looking for the respect that he believes he is due. This is what drives him. He trains and fights like the challanger and believes he is superior to anyone he faces. When the body’s mental and pysical faculties are in alignment the end product is rarely defeated.

Wilder by 5th Round KO.

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