Lomachenko and Linares finalized for May 12

Updating yesterday’s post, Vasyl Lomachenko and Jorge Linares, as of today, is now more than a rumour and has been finalized. Linares, the lightweight world champ will put his strap on the line against junior lightweight champ Lomachenko on May 12th at Madison Square Garden.

If there is anyone who can move up in weight to challenge Linares, it’s P4P King Lomachenko.

Although Lomachenko’s last four opponents yelled “No Mas Chenko” it’s doubtful that Linares will follow suit. That said, even as masterful a boxer as Linares is, he is going to have his hands full with the Ukrainian.

Lomachenko is flat out on another level until proven otherwise. As Standing-8 likes to say, he’s part throwback, part modern day, and quite frankly, something from the future.

I’m having difficulty thinking about a current fighter or one in recent memory that looks for the toughest opponent every fight out and ensures that their management team gets the deal done. Lomachenko is that fighter.

In any event, this is going to be a cracking fight which will bring out the best version of Hi-Tech yet and that is scary.
Fun Fact- If Lomachenko defeats Linares, he will capture his third belt in as many divisions in only his twelfth fight which will be a record.

Oh, and one other positive here; however, it may be a sign that the apocalypse is upon us, The Cold War keeps getting warmer….TR and GBP playing nice in the sandbox. A tip of the hat here is well deserved.

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