Tony Harrison Edges Former World Champion Ishe Smith With Split Decision Victory


Tony Harrison Edges Former World Champion Ishe Smith With Split Decision Victory
Top Contender Andrew “The Beast” Unleashes a 6th Round KO Over Lateef Kayode
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LAS VEGAS (May 11, 2018) – Former super welterweight champion Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith suffered a split decision loss to Detroit’s Tony Harrison live from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas. In the co-main event, Andrew Tabiti scored a sixth round KO over Lateef Kayode to remain undefeated in the Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce main event.
After 10 rounds of action, Harrison (27-2, 21KOs) came out on top over Smith (29-10, 12 KOs) to gain the victory by split decision. Harrison’s speed and reach allowed him to land his shots and avoid Smith’s punches. This made it difficult for Smith to get into a groove and execute his game plan. Judges saw the bout: 97-92 Harrison, 95-94 Smith, 96-93 Harrison.
“It’s difficult for me to rate my performance,” said Smith. “I think we put on a great show, but overall his reach made it hard for me to land my punches. I don’t think his speed or his age affected my plan, it all comes down to me. I fought a great fight and as you can see, judges ruled it a split decision.
“I followed the instructions my corner gave me, they asked me to move and box, and that’s what I did,” said Harrison. “I thought I could’ve put a lot more shots together offensively. Ishe is a vet and he showed it each and every round. Each round that I thought I could stop him, he came back. I just had to put the pressure on him a little more. All in all, I rate my performance a B+, my guard, my defense and offense was on point, my legs were on point. I stood up after the 3rd round all the way to the end and proved to everybody I could finish like a champ.”
In the co-main event of the Bounce telecast, featured undefeated top contender, Tabiti(16-0, 13 KOs), who impressed hometown fans by defeating Kayode (21-3, 16 KOs) with a 6th round KO. The fight started off calm, but Tabiti was patient. By the 6th round, Tabiti was comfortable and found the perfect opportunities to land his power shots. After 1 minute and 8 seconds of action in the 6th round, Tabiti landed a clean uppercut sending Kayode to the canvas for the KO win.
“I’m hard on myself, but I’d give my performance a solid nine,” said Tabiti. “I think I came out and did what I told everyone I would; I showed my skillset, kept a steady pace, and got the KO. I was working on that body shot uppercut combo in the gym, the Mike Tyson 1-2. Next, I’m coming for a title shot. After a nine-month layoff, I’m pleased with my performance. I just want to continue bringing the fans exciting shows.”
“I feel that my performance was good, I wasn’t tired,” said Kayode. “I felt that with our style of fighting we kept clashing and hugging, we should’ve been able to keep our heads up and put on a show. I was there showing I was ready to fight, but he wanted to fight too, but the way he was coming we just kept clashing and it didn’t make the show look good. I just want to get back in the gym, keep training, and I hope Mayweather Promotions brings me back for another fight.”
In the matchup between Ecuador’s Erick Bone (20-5, 8 KOs) and Las Vegas fan favorite Cameron Krael (13-13-3, 3 KOs), Bone defeated Krael by a close split decision, judges scoring the bout 95-94 Krael, 95-94 Bone, 96-94 Bone. This fight between two hungry fighters started off very measured with both guys choosing their shots wisely but turned into an all-out brawl as both fighters gave electrifying performances. Bone got the best of Krael in the early rounds, and Krael caught a second wind and started to put the pressure on Bone. He seemed to dominate the final rounds, hurting Bone several times but it wasn’t enough to up the scorecards in his favor.
Bone reflects on his performance by saying, “When seeing a record like his, one might trust it, but he is a great fighter, real fast and technical and loves to throw punches. He is a boxer that can cause a problem to any fighter. In the ring it was much more difficult than what I had imagined and Krael made me box more. I feel that I didn’t give it the 100 percent that I am capable of, and this fight taught me a lot. I haven’t fought in the U.S. since June and that’s almost a year, so this was a test that I learned a lot from, I’m happy judges saw this fight in my favor.
“I don’t agree with the judges’ decisions at all,” says Krael. “I was caught earlier in the rounds, but I believe I did enough to win the fight. I should’ve won by split decision. My downfall was allowing myself to be open when I was trying to figure him out, and that’s when he caught me with those combinations. I am disappointed, because I really thought I was the better guy at the end. My plan is to get back in the gym and keep my stamina up and work on boxing these guys out.”
Rising prospect, Ladarius Miller (16-1, 5 KOs) and Jose Marrufo (10-8, 2 KOs) went the distance in 8 rounds of brutal action. Miller took control early in the rounds and slugged it out with Marrufo. Although battered and bruised Marrufo refused to back down without a fight and continued to fight back until the last bell. Judges scored the bout: 78-72, 77-74, 79-71 for a unanimous decision victory to Miller.
Tonight’s fights were opened with a welterweight showdown between Maurice Lee (8-1, 3 KOs) and Joel Guevara (3-4-1, 2 KOs) which ended in a TKO stoppage over Joel Guevara, Lanell Bellows, fighting out of Las Vegas battled it out with Naim Terbunja and after 8 rounds of action, judges ruled the bout in a draw.

Ishe Smith vs. Tony Harrison Media Workout Quotes & Photos

Ishe Smith vs. Tony Harrison Media Workout Quotes & Photos
Super Welterweight Showdown Headlines Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce Action Friday, May 11 from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas
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LAS VEGAS (May 9, 2018) – Fight week events kicked off Wednesday with a media workout for the Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce card headlined by former world champion Ishe Smith taking on super welterweight contender Tony Harrisonthis Friday, May 11 from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas.
Coverage on Bounce begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and also features unbeaten cruiserweight Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti, who participated in Wednesday’s workout, meeting Lateef Kayode for 10 rounds of action.
Tickets for the event, which is being promoted by Mayweather Promotions, begin at $25, are on sale now and will be available at
Here is what the participants had to say Wednesday:
“I’ve been in there with some great fighters throughout the year. My mentality is that no fighter is going to beat me who’s been stopped every time he’s stepped up. I have to do whatever I can to make sure that happens.
“This is the first time in my career that I’ve had a strength and conditioning coach for two fights in a row. I feel really good right now. I hate clichés and I hate saying this is the best camp of my life, but I really do feel like this is one of the best camps I’ve had. I felt like that last fight too, but I know I’ll sound like everybody else
“What motivates me is watching guys like LeBron James who have been doing this nearly as long as I have, and they’re still at the top of their game. That kind of longevity is what I strive for and that’s because I live that life inside and outside of the gym.
“I’ve been training for three months for this fight and I just want a fair shake on fight night. I thought the scorecards in the Julian Williams fight were terrible. I can’t control it but it’s definitely something I want to avoid on fight night.
“Nobody has put on for Las Vegas like I have. I’ve done everything in my career the hard way. I took Cornelius Bundrage’s belt in his hometown. I’m not going to be beat on Friday night.
“I’ve been in this game two decades and I’ve seen the highs and the lows. If everything works out, I’ll be victorious on Friday night. I’m ready to go on the road and take on anyone.”
“Every time I step into the ring I’m extremely motivated. I’m fighting to feed my family. I’m from Detroit so we go through wars all the time. I was ready to jump on this fight as soon as they asked me about it.
“This is a fight that will get me back to a world title fight. This can get me right back into a title eliminator. What better place to do it than the boxing capital of the world? Everybody who fights wants to be in the main event fighting in Las Vegas.
“Ishe Smith has been in a lot of tough fights and he’s fought most of the top guys in the division. If I can get him into some danger, I want to see how his will is at that moment. I’m going to push him from round one and I think it makes for a good fight.
“It’s part of my mental game to make him work round after round. If I see him slow down, it will make me push more. I appreciate what he’s done, but I don’t know how much more he has left. I want to be a champion like he was.
“Being the first person to stop Ishe would be an opportunity I have to take. It would make a statement. But if I go the distance, it would answer all of the questions the critics have had about my motor. I’m going to be fresh until the end of this fight.”
“I’m excited to put on a good show and take care of a solid durable opponent. I know that my time is coming and this another chance to show off my skills.
“Once I fight the top tier cruiserweights, they’re going to see what I’m capable of. I basically used Steve Cunningham’s game plan against him. I’m very adaptable.
“I’m focused on showing a versatile side of my boxing skills. I’m not going straight for the knockout. I want to show people that I have boxing IQ and the ability to knock anyone out in the ring. I want to show both sides of my skill set.”
LEONARD ELLERBE, CEO of Mayweather Promotions
“It’s always important to have great fights like this to Las Vegas. With Ishe Smith being a native it’s even better. This is a good fight that could put Ishe back into the thick of things. People don’t raise their hand to fight Ishe. I think Ishe has a second wind right now and he’s refreshed at this point in his career.
“Ishe doesn’t fight like he’s 39. There isn’t going to be anything that Tony Harrison can bring that Ishe hasn’t seen. Ishe has picked it up and I think the rest of the division knows that. It’s a deep weight class with a lot of possibilities out there. He has the ability to beat anyone out there.
“The future is very bright for Andrew Tabiti. It’s all in his hands. He has all the attributes that you need. He has a good team around him and it’s just a matter of finding ways to help him get to the next level. This is a great opportunity for him to showcase his skills against a very durable, tough guy in Kayode. Tabiti is looking to make a statement to all the other cruiserweights out there. He’s a guy they’re going to have to deal with in the very near future.”

Ishe Smith & Tony Harrison Training Camp Quotes & Photos

Ishe Smith & Tony Harrison Training Camp Quotes & Photos
Super Welterweight Showdown Headlines Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce Action Friday, May 11 from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas
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LAS VEGAS (May 3, 2018) – Former world champion Ishe Smith and 154-pound contender Tony Harrison spoke about their respective training camps and upcoming matchup just over a week before they square off in the Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce main event Friday, May 11 from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas.
Coverage on Bounce begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT and also features unbeaten cruiserweight Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti meeting Lateef Kayode for 10 rounds of action.
Tickets for the event, which is being promoted by Mayweather Promotions, begin at $25, are on sale now and will be available at
Smith, a native of Las Vegas fighting in his hometown, shared thoughts on his training camp at the Mayweather Boxing Club while Harrison, a former title challenger, gave insight into the work he’s put in at the Superbad Gym in Detroit.
Here is what the fighters had to say:
What kind of problems does your opponent pose?
Ishe Smith: “I look at all of my opponents the same honestly. Tony is a good kid and a good fighter who’s fought for a world title. He had a lot of hype behind him back in the day before suffering his first loss. I’ve been in this game for so long and sparred so many future and current Hall of Famers, I look at each opponent the same.
Tony Harrison: “I know that Ishe is a rugged fighter who likes to get inside, and that sometimes causes things like accidental head butts and also just makes for a grittier fight overall. He’s willing to dig deep and get muddy. He comes in with a lot of experience, which you can never take lightly.”
How do you expect this fight to look?
TH: “I’m just going for the win, but if I have a shot to stop him I’m going go for it. I want to be the first one to do what nobody else has been able to do, and that is stop Ishe Smith. I think doing that would put me right back in the conversation at the top of the division. But I’m just going in there to win by any means necessary against an experienced opponent.”
IS: “Well my biggest opponent at my age, with the wisdom I’ve gotten, is the man in the mirror. I have to make sure that man is ready to fight. That will dictate the direction this fight goes. I’ve been on a roll of showing up ready to fight recently. If I’m proud of that man in the mirror, it’s going to be a memorable fight,”
How has this training camp gone? Have you made any recent adjustments to your camp? 
IS: “I’ve had a nearly 20-year career but until now, I’ve never had a strength and conditioning coach for two consecutive fights. Being able to stay with one guy for the Julian Williams fight and then having him again, that’s going to be key. It helped me last fight and it’s going to keep me going forward.”
TH: “This camp has been amazing. This has been the first camp that I’ve felt like I haven’t overdone it and run my body into the ground. I’ve always tried to go over and beyond what I’ve needed to do. This camp has just been more calculated and methodical. I’ve gotten rest when I needed it. I feel great.”
Who have you been sparring with and what have you been looking to get from your sparring partners? 
TH: “The atmosphere at the gym has been at a world championship level. My sparring partners have been a really versatile bunch of quality fighters. We’ve done work with U.S. Olympian Charles Conwell, Leon Lawson, William Williams, Lanardo Tyner, Antonio Urista and a couple others. I think we’ve covered just about whatever Ishe could throw at me on May 11.”
IS: “I’ve sparred everybody you can think, especially for this camp all of the guys on the Mayweather Promotions team. I’ve been sparring big guys, little guys and I’ve even joked with Andrew Tabiti about getting in there with me. I’m really having fun and enjoying my time in the gym.”
Do you think the 12-year age gap will make a difference in this fight? Why or why not?
IS: “Absolutely not. He’s been knocked out twice. I’ve never been stopped. I do a good job of ignoring the outside noise. Age is nothing but a number. It’s totally different when you’re actually in the ring with me. I’ve always been about challenging myself. I live a fighter’s life inside and outside of the ring. I’m set up to deal with anything that’s thrown my way in this game.”
TH: “I don’t really know how he lives his life, so I’m not really sure how his age may or may not play a factor. But I’ll be coming in at an aggressive pace, and then we’ll see how things play out. It’s a mystery for now though until we get in there and figure him out a bit. But he looked good and fresh against Julian Williams and Williams is one of the top guys in the division. So I think he’ll be confident coming off of that performance, but I’ll be ready for him.”
What kind of improvements have you made in recent fights and how will you implement that in the ring on May 11?
TH: “My main thing is my confidence. I don’t think anybody can beat me when I’m at the top of my game. When it’s fight time, I’m able to implement that and motivate myself. I know in my heart that these guys can’t beat me.”
IS: “I’ve been able to develop a really strong support system in my life that’s helped my career stay strong. By using that and treating my body well, I’ve been able to last. This recent work with a new strength and conditioning coach has really been a game changer and I think can take me to another level in this portion of my career.”
What can a win on May 11 do for you going forward? Who would you like to go after next with a win on May 11?
IS: “A win on May 11 is the only option. I want to have my hand raised at the end of the night. The win can mean a lot. Julian Williams was in a title eliminator after beating me, so I know anything is possible. I have to win. It just means everything to me. I’m never going to look past what’s on my plate. No dessert for me until I finish my dinner.”
TH: A win against Ishe would get me back to the truly meaningful fights, championship fights. I’d love another shot at a title holder like Jarrett Hurd. The goal is to get back to the top to face the best fighters in this stacked division.”

Former World Champion Ishe Smith Battles Exciting Contender Tony Harrison in 154-pound Clash

Former World Champion Ishe Smith Battles Exciting Contender
Tony Harrison in 154-pound Clash that Headlines Premier Boxing
Champions on Bounce Live on Friday, May 11 from
Sam’s Town in Las Vegas
Plus! Top Contender Andrew Tabiti Faces Lateef Kayode
In Cruiserweight Attraction in Co-Main Event
Tickets On Sale Monday, April 23 at 12 p.m. PT
LAS VEGAS (April 20, 2018) – Former super welterweight champion Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith will battle top 154-pound contender Tony Harrison in a 10-round match that headlines Premier Boxing Champions on Bounce on Friday, May 11 from Sam’s Town in Las Vegas.
In the co-main event, top contender Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti will meet Lateef Kayode in a 10-round cruiserweight attraction. Smith and Tabiti, both Las Vegas residents, will be fighting on their home turf and looking to impress their hometown fans.
Tickets for the event, which is being promoted by Mayweather Promotions, begin at $25, are on sale Monday, April 23 at 12 p.m. PT and will be available
“Mayweather Promotions has had a busy year thus far and the momentum isn’t slowing down with May 11th at Sam’s Town Live right around the corner,” said Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions. “This venue is certainly one of the local properties that we enjoy working with and have made it our home over the past few years.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing Ishe Smith back in the ring after the stellar performance that he put on against Julian Williams to close out 2017.  I know that he is physically and mentally prepared to take on Tony Harrison and will not disappoint. Andrew Tabiti is a young talented fighter that is on track to have a bright future. He will look to build upon his flawless record in the co-feature against Lateef Kayode on May 11.”
The 39-year-old Smith (29-9, 12 KOs) became the first Las Vegas-born boxer to win a world championship when he defeated Cornelius Bundrage for a super welterweight title by majority decision in 2013. He lost the title by split decision to Carlos Molina in his next fight before earning another title shot against Erislandy Lara in 2014, that he lost lost by decision. Smith most recently dropped a competitive contest on Bounce against Julian Williams last November.
“I picked up right where I left off from my last fight. I’m back in camp. I didn’t take any time off since my last fight,” Smith said. “This will be the second fight in a row where I am bringing in a strength and conditioning coach. I credit my strength & conditioning coach, who played a major role in my last performance being one of my career best. It was no question, before I had a date I was back working with my team. I feel younger, I feel great – I’m the modern day Benjamin Button. I felt great in my last fight and I’m going to continue to bring it.
“I don’t feel like I’m approaching 40, I actually feel younger and in the best shape of my life. This camp I’m focused on not leaving anything into the judges hands like last time. I can’t allow another bad call against me. It’s time for me to make a statement, dominate, and get this guy out. I don’t know much about my opponent, but I’m going to make him fight my fight.”
Harrison (26-2, 21 KOs) is a heavy-handed 154-pound contender from Detroit, Michigan who has put together two strong victories since suffering a KO loss to unified super welterweight champion Jarrett Hurd in 2017. Harrison most recently scored a KO victory over George Sosa on Feb. 17 in El Paso.
“It’s about time for me to get back into the loop. This is a tough fight against Ishe, who is coming off of a good performance for himself against Julian Williams,” Harrison said. “I’ve been wanting to fight Ishe since my early days as a pro, and this is exactly the kind of fight that I need. This is definitely going to be a good one.
“Ishe is almost 40 years old, but that makes no difference to me. Ishe’s been a world champion, and in order for me to become a world champion, I’ve got to go through one. It’s a difficult task, and there is definitely no way that I’m taking Ishe lightly. I’m the ultimate competitor, and there’s not a fight in the world that I wouldn’t take. I’m ready to lay it all on the line in this fight, and that’s what makes it all worthwhile when I get the win.”
Tabiti (15-0, 12 KOs) has used his punching power to make a steady climb up the cruiserweight ladder. The 28-year-old, who was born in Chicago and now lives in Las Vegas, took a major step forward in his last fight when he scored an impressive unanimous decision victory over former world champion Steve Cunningham on Aug. 26. A win against the veteran Kayode will further solidify his position among the top cruiserweight contenders.
“My last fight I showed everyone that I’m a smart boxer,” Tabiti said. “I think a lot of guys expect me to just go in the ring and knock guys out but I feel like it’s important to show that I’m versatile. I can box with you or I can use my power and get a guy out.
“This camp, my goal is to focus on targeting the body plus using the IQ I gained from my last camp and fight. This guy is older, he’s coming off two losses, he’s on his way out, but I can’t overlook him. My last opponent was a lot older so I’m going to take the tools and experience and put it all together to bring the fans a great performance.”
The 35-year-old Kayode (21-2, 16 KOs) is looking to bounce back from back-to-back losses, including a unanimous decision loss to Keith Tapia in his last fight on Sept. 23. Kayode, who was born in Lagos, Nigeria and now lives in Hollywood, California, dropped down to cruiserweight after his match against heavyweight Luis Ortiz was declared a no contest due to Ortiz failing his post-fight drug test for performance enhancing drugs in 2014. His last victory was a unanimous decision against Nick Kisner in 2015. That paved the way for a shot at the cruiserweight world title later that year, which he lost by knockout to Denis Lebedev.
“Tabiti has absolutely no experience compared to me and his opponents have been less than formidable,” said Kayode. “I will show him why I’m in a completely different class of fighter!”



Press Release  For Immediate Release

Quotes From Carlos Velasquez, J’Leon Love, Andrew Tabiti & Mickey Bey, Before They Enter The Ring On Tuesday, September 29 From The Pearl At Palms Casino Resort

LAS VEGAS (September 25, 2015 ) Fighters competing on Tuesday’s Premier Boxing Champions (PBC) TOE-TO-TOE TUESDAYS on FS1 and FOX Deportes fight card held a media workout at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas Thursday, as they prepare for their September 29 bouts at The Pearl at Palms Casino Resort.   

2004 Puerto Rican Olympian Carlos Velasquez was on hand to talk about his showdown with super featherweight world champion Javier Fortuna that headlines the telecast, which begins at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.  

Also in attendance Thursday was super middleweight contender J’Leon Love who takes on Osumana Adama in a 10-round bout, undefeated cruiserweight knockout artist Andrew “The Beast” Tabiti who will take on Tamas Lodi in an eight-round affair and former world champion Mickey Bey, who returns in a 10-round lightweight bout.  

Tickets for the live event, which is promoted by Mayweather Promotions are priced at $100.50, $75.50, $50.50 and $20.50 plus applicable fees, and are on sale now. Tickets may be purchased at or by calling the Pearl Box Office at 702-994-3200.  

Here is what the fighters had to say Thursday:  


“All the training is over and now it’s time to fight. I had a great training camp and my body feels fresh. My weight is good I’m looking forward to putting on a great show for the fans.  

“I’m ready for this challenge. Being the main event is a blessing and I’m going to make the most of this opportunity.   

“It’s time to bring another world championship back home to Puerto Rico.”  


“Camp has been tremendous. I’ve pushed my body to a new level. I’m in great condition. We’re just waiting for the 29th.  

“I always try to add to my game in training camp. I’m trying to perfect my craft. Defense is one thing you can never have too much of.  

“I want to make someone miss and make them pay. I’m focused on my balance and being aggressive.  

“I’ve always been an intelligent fighter. I’m trying to stay two or three steps ahead of my opponent. I want them to adjust me. I can let my skill dictate the action.  

“I’m visualizing an A+ performance on Tuesday night. I’m still learning and finding myself every day. I can’t wait to bring it all into the ring.”  


“I’ve had a great camp filled with hard work. I’m working hard for Floyd Mayweather Sr. to get myself ready for this fight.  

“I’ve had to slowly get back to it after my hand surgery but I feel great now and ready to go.  

“I’m anticipating a clean sweep Tuesday night. I can adapt to anything on the fly in the ring. I’m a smart, all-around fighter.   

“Get your popcorn early because you’re going to see everything in the ring, you never know what you’ll see.  

“I’m fighting for my family and friends. I’ve had so much support through my injury. I learned a lot from sitting out. I’m ready to get in there and test it out.”  


“I’ve been working hard in the gym on my conditioning and just staying in great fight shape.  

“The main thing I’m looking for is the win. I have to respect each guy in front of me and if the knockout comes, I’ll take it.  

“I want to stay active and just keep gaining experience in the ring. I’m getting better with each fight.”  

#  #  #  

For more information visit, and, Follow on Twitter @PremierBoxing, @MayweatherPromo, @FS1, @FOXDeportes @PearlAtPalms and @Swanson_Comm and become a fan on Facebook and, Highlights available to embed a