Well, At Least It Was Free

So Wladimir Klitschko KO’d Alex Lepai in 5 rounds. Did we expect anything else from Dr. Steelhammer? He was after all,  fighting a part time delivery driver. Did we even care that there was a heavyweight title fight? Could you measure the excitement in the air because the Heavyweight Champion was fighting? The answer to the first one is probably,  but only because we love the sport. The anwser to the latter………NO..  The best part of this event was the fact that it was on free, or basically free TV, being shown on ESPN. Ok, Ok,  I know that it is an achievement to be undefeated for a decade but the opposition for that period has been less than stellar.  

Ok Champ listen up, there are plenty of young lions out there ready for a shot at the title….start fighting legitimate opponents and make this reign mean something.

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