Why I Love Boxing


There are many reasons why I love the sweet science but look no further than tonight’s epic battle between Lucas Matthysse and John Molina and I am reminded once again.  Fights like these come around from time to time and when they do it’s a sit back, relax, and enjoy every minute of it kind of night.

For 11 rounds these modern day gladiators gave fight fans everything they could have asked for. Each man suffered knockdowns and cuts and were forced to adjust their game plan as each man adapted to the other.

It was the underdog “Rocky” like Molina, who very few gave nothing more than a puncher’s chance, knocking down Matthysse early in the fight showing his mettle and making the fight unexpectedly a classic. It was Matthysse coming off a loss to Danny Garcia having to dig deep after being knocked down early and wondering just what the heck was going on in this return fight he was supposed to dominate.

The ebb and flows of this fight were amazing and the type of fight that you just didn’t want to end. But end it did in the way most had envisioned, with a Matthysse victory; however, that is irrelevant to what the real story was here; two warriors giving their all for the greater good while learning lessons and being humble, one in victory and one in defeat.

 Just another reason why I love this game.

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