Snippets on Arguably The 8 Hottest Topics In the Sport This Week



1)      Well, It Took A Few More Than “One Time”

Keith Thurman was all business Saturday night as he once again displayed speed and power while showing continued maturity in the ring. Even though the fight ended after Round 3 due to a rib injury sustained by opponent Julio Diaz, Thurman proved once again that he is a force in the division. There is speculation of a Shawn Porter matchup sometime this year and that my friends would be one great matchup.


2)      A Machine, A Gladiator, And A Whole Lot of Fun

The fight between Lucas Matthysse and John Molina was one of the best scraps in some time. Both men gave their all and treated the fans to one of the best fights of the year so far.


3)      Protect Yourself At All Times

Josesito Lopez scored a 5th Round TKO over Aaron Martinez this week when Martinez turned his back on Lopez after being hit by a left to the head. When he turned his back referee Jack Reiss stopped the fight telling Lopez “You abandoned the fight, you turned your back on your opponent” “You abandoned the fight”


4)      Cold War Not Thawing Anytime Soon

Golden Boy President Oscar De La Hoya stated this week that he would be in favor of a fight between Saul Alvarez (Golden Boy Promoted) and Manny Pacquiao (Top Rank Promoted). Problem is, the CEO of his company, Richard Schaefer, has vowed not to work with Bob Arum of Top Rank. Look for a possible merger between Schaefer and Al Haymon, if that occurs, get ready for WWIII.


5)      R.I.P Hurricane

“Hatred and bitterness and anger only consume the vessel that contains them. It doesn’t hurt another soul” Rubin Carter on if he allowed himself to harbor anger after being wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and spending 19 years in prison. Carter, 76, passed away this week after losing his battle with prostate cancer. Bob Dylan put it best, “That’s the story of Hurricane, But it won’t be over until they clear his name. And give him back the time he’s done. Put him in a prison cell but one time he could –a been, The champion of the world.


RIP Hurricane, everyone’s a champ where you’re going.


6)      Maybe He Doesn’t Own One??

Ok Shannon Briggs, I get it, you’re trying to land a fight with Wladimir Klitschko by crashing his training sessions and press conferences ala Clubber Lang, ala Mr. T but even the aforementioned T kept his shirt on. I like the fire and quite frankly I would love to see you fight the guy but keep your shirt on when you’re crashing events unless you get that fight and step in the ring.


7)      Buildup Continues

May 3rd is less than a week away and excitement for the excellent fight card set for that night is building. So many subplots will make for an incredible night at the fights.


8)      Enough Already

The Heavyweight Division is on an upswing with great talent and exciting fighters. The problem is the current champ; owner of three of the belts has not faced any of these young lions. Ok, I know what you’re going to say, “He just faced the #1 contender” Uh, the #1 contender for the WBO who doesn’t even make the top ten in any of the other alphabet soups, for that matter, only #11 in one and not even in the top 15 in the other two.


Step it up champ this is getting ridiculous.

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