Standing-8’s Algieri vs. Pacquiao Fight Prediction


If Algieri fights tall and does what he does best, establish his snapping jab, throw his punches from awkward angles, and work the body early and often, he is going to open up opportunities to land power shots. If this happens, Pacquiao may be stunned several times in this fight as he is surprised by Algieri’s punching power.  Don’t be surprised if Pacquiao is dropped once or twice. On the contrary, if Algieri fights small, he will limit his opportunities to score points and steal rounds as he will move into Pacquiao’s comfort zone. No matter what happens on Saturday night, we may be in for one of those rare nights when a classic breaks out. As the adage goes, styles make fights and this has all the makings of a chess match from the opening bell. We will probably get a combination of the aforementioned scenarios. That said, Standing-8’s  prediction is Algieri by majority decision. Algieri will be able to execute his game plan more effectively and we will see the second torched passed in less than a month from a future hall of famer to a rising star.

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