Snippets On Arguably The Hottest Topics In The Sweet Science This Week


Standing-8 Eats A Little Crow

Ok, we need to own up to our prediction from last night’s Manny Pacquiao vs. Chris Algieri scrap. We were in the minority who thought that Algieri would actually give the Pac Man a challenge. What we didn’t know was that Algieri would abandon one of his primary strengths,  his jab or that the game plan developed for him would be to give away the first four rounds…intentionally? Further, we didnt expect their game plan to ultimately be built on knocking out the future hall of famer. So, while we did pick Algieri, in our defense we never expected such a poor game plan.

Painted A Picasso

Pacquiao was brilliant in his win. He negated Algieri’s entire being in route to one of the most lopsided wins you will ever see in a championship fight. His speed and timing were spot on even though he was facing a younger opponent with excellent movement. Great performance. Of course as expected, the Pacquiao-Mayweather talks began almost immediately. It will happen next year without a doubt…..finally.

The Cage Comment Heard Round The World

When HBO’s Max Kellerman went into Algieri’s corner and spoke to trainer Tim Lane asking him if his comment meant that Algieri would be seeking a knockout, Lane stated “Yes, but i’ve still got him in a cage….I’m going to let him loose in another round or so”. At that exact moment, Pacquiao landed a left dropping Algieri…AWKWARD…….

The Cage Comment Heard Round The World Part 2

So, Tim Lane made a comment in the heat of the moment while being frustrated by the goings-on in the ring at the precise moment it all went terribly wrong. Big deal, the guys human. Social media took to ripping the guy, grow up people, don’t ever slip in your perfect world, karma’s watching.

The One Armed Man

Vasyl Lomachenko is arguably the best amatuer ever compiling a 396-1 record while winning two gold medals. He is tied for the fastest to ever win a world title as a pro and now you can add beat a guy with one hand to the list. On Saturday night he hurt his left hand half way through the fight and was forced to fight exclusively with his right…he did not lose a round. A fight with Nicholas Walters sometime in 2015 has been rumored. Lomachenko is going to be on many P4P lists soon and most likely before he reaches six or seven fights.

One Tough Dude

Zou Shiming looked good (defense still suspect as mentioned on Standing-8 after his last fight) in defeating Kwanpichit OnesongchaiGym but this snippet is not for Shiming. OnesongchaiGym was knocked from pillar to post and was dropped several times but never looked for a way out or looked to quit, he just came back stronger. A true blood and guts warrior.

Rubber Match Needed?

Tony Bellew defeated Nathan Cleverly by split decision on Saturday to avenge his majority decision loss to Cleverly back in 2011. We need a third fight here. Yes, it will probably mirror the first two but it will split the tie unless it’s a draw and even then we can call it good.

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