Roll Tide- Alabama’s Deontay Wilder Captures The WBC Heavyweight Championship


The questionable competition, the elephant in the room, is now gone, the resume strengthened. Deontay WIlder (33-0 32 KO) will no longer have to be questioned about the lack of a quality opponent on his dossier after a thoroughly convincing win over WBC heavyweight champion Bermane Stiverne (24-2-1 24 KO).

Executing trainer Mark Breland’s outstanding game plan, Wilder used a piston like jab to keep Stiverne off balance while landing timely right hands, uppercuts, and left hooks. Almost like watching a large version of Breland himself.

Stiverne did have a few moments landing his own right hand and left hook but they were few and far between. Additionally, his usually active jab was nonexistent and he failed to cut off the ring which allowed Wilder to control all aspects of the fight.

Each took solid shots from the other; however, Wilder’s did more damage as he stunned Stiverne several times but B. Ware’s beard was as advertised. On the contrary, Wilder was thought to have a questionable chin but he put those assumptions to rest as he took some heavy shots from Stiverne without issue.

Wilder dominated the judges scorecards, 118-109, 120-107, 119-108 and became the first American heavyweight champion since 2006 and fulfilled the promise he made to his daughter Naieya to become a world champion.

There were so many questions about Wilder coming in that were answered tonight,

Can he take a punch? CHECK

Can he adapt when his punches don’t stop his opponent-CHECK

Can he go the distance if needed after never having been past the fourth round? CHECK

Can he survive once he faces a quality opponent? CHECK

Can he do more than punch, like box? CHECK! CHECK!

“I don’t want anybody to doubt me no more, come with me, ride with me, slide with me, hide with me, whatever we got to do..lets go!” stated Wilder

On what is next for the new champion, Wilder stated, “I want to bring excitement to the heavyweight division, I don’t want to be a champion who sits around a year or two, I want to get three…if I’m lucky, four times a year, this is my nine to five, this is my burger flipping right here, so I’m ready whenever”

Wilder’s performance was of the highest caliber for someone who apparently couldn’t do the things that he did. It will be scary to see what he can accomplish as he continues to learn and develop. As a raw prospect just a few years ago to a world champion today, he has only just begun. The Bronze Bomber has awakened a dormant division with a single victory and ensured that the elephant never enters the room again.

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