Friday Night Fights Recap



It’s refreshing in the sweet science when a twice beaten 7-1 underdog is able to execute their game plan flawlessly, dominate an undefeated prospect, and have the judge’s score cards reflects as much. We have seen too many times where the prospect is given a “gift” while the hardworking underdog is left to take another loss.

On ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights from the Foxwoods Resort in Mashantucket, Connecticut, Tony “The Lightning” Luis (19-2 7 KO) was that 7-1 dog against rising undefeated prospect Karl “The Dynamite” Dargan (17-1 9 KO). In the end, it was Luis with a unanimous decision win, 99-90, 97-92 X2 to win the WBC Continental America’s lightweight title.

From the opening bell, Luis was the aggressor stalking Dargan and moving him backwards. Luis would plant his head in Dargan’s chest and land quick combinations to the body and come up to the head.

Dargan had moments early in the fight as he was very calm and accurate while countering Luis and using quick lateral movement to avoid Luis’ onslaught.

Luis would back down Dargan to the ropes and work his body while coming up to the head and connecting at a high percentage. Dargan did some good work by slipping punches and countering Luis while on the ropes but Luis was relentless in his attack landing combinations with a great deal of energy.

In the third round, Luis caught Dargan with a left hook to the chin causing Dargan to try and clinch as Luis was swinging wildly causing Dargan to be pushed to the canvas. The referee ruled it a slip but that moment may have affected Dargan mentally more than it showed.

In the next round, Dargan utilized his jab and began to create distance from Luis allowing him to get back to scoring his own combinations but he couldn’t sustain it as Luis’ relentless attack again took the fight over.

Luis caught Dargan round after round with solid shots while turning him constantly. His hands were fast and he continued to force and smother Dargan to the ropes where he again would pound away to the body and head. Dargan’s activity was beginning to decrease. He would counter occasionally and have a few furries but Luis’ energy was more evident and his output nonstop.

In the tenth and final round, Luis knocked Dargan down with a left hook which actually landed on the back of Dargan’s head. Dargan was not overly hurt by the shot and was up on his feet quickly where Luis attacked him to the bell to end the fight and capture his victory.

Dargan had an almost five inch reach advantage and when he used it and created distance, he was setting up his punches and doing what he does best; however, he had no answer for the relentless attack of Luis and was handed his first loss.


You just knew that Thomas “The Souljah” Falowo (13-3 8 KO) couldn’t wait to fight Russell “The Haitian Sensation” Lamour (11-1 5 KO) in the pros to avenge his 1-4 record against Lamour in the amateurs. He got his chance on Friday night and took advantage of the opportunity by defeating Lamour by unanimous decision with scores of 78-74, 77-75 X2.

Lamour, advertised as the more technical of the fighters, failed to use his jab consistently and box Falowo which allowed Falowo to back him down throughout the fight. Lamour did good work to the body but fought most of the fight backing up. This was a good close tough fight; however, Falowo was able to impose his will on Lamour and capture most of the tightly contested rounds.

Falowo made the fight rough and baited Lamour into brawling a bit more than he probably preferred. Lamour was destroying Falowo’s body and countering nicely at times throughout the fight but when Falowo made it dirty, Lamour would abandon those tactics and do just enough to lose the close rounds. Falowo was landing the harder shots and was the aggressor as he stalked Lamour and forced Lamour to abandon his gameplan. 

Falowo vowed to settle the score saying that the judges in the amateurs gave Lamour credit for “pitty-pat” punches and no credit to him for his style. He got credit tonight as evident by his unanimous decision win.


Rising prospect Sullivan Barrera (15-0 10 KO) stopped former champion Jeff “Left Hook”Lacy (27-6 18 KO) by TKO at 2:05 of the fourth round.  

Barrera provided a message early that this would be a short night as he dropped Lacy with a huge right at 1:35 of the first round.  Lacy beat the count but was visibly unstable on his feet as Barrera attacked him with vicious body shots and more combinations to the head. The veteran Lacy was able to make it out of the first round.

Over the next two rounds Barrera attacked Lacy and hit him with multiple combinations while displaying an active jab that he worked behind to set up his power shots while wobbling Lacy several more times. Lacy is game and tried to land his own punches but is clearly overmatched.

In the fourth, Barrera is deducted a point by referee Mike Ortega for a low blow. This was odd as  this had not been an issue up to this point in the fight and although there may have been a slight warning to Barrera earlier, it surely didn’t warrant a point deduction.

Shortly after the break in the action, Barrera unloaded on Lacy and landed a series of right hands that rocked Lacy into the ropes. Barrera jumped on Lacy landing more big rights. Referee Ortega mercifully stoped the fight. Good stoppage, Lacy had not shown that he could land anything that would keep the larger Barrera honest while he was taking devastating punches.

Barrera did what a young prospect is supposed to do to an aging fighter. He displayed quick hands, a solid jab, good body work, and combination punching. Main Events had stated that they are looking for a big year from Barrera and his stoppage win has him down the envisioned path.

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