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Bronze Bombed And King Konged

Deontay Wilder answered a lot of questions on Saturday night, some good, some bad, completely depending on how you process the answer.

The Champ showed he can take a shot or two from a big puncher and survive. This had been kind of the elephant in the ring. (See what I did there?). He was hit flush by Ortiz and was almost out in the 7th but if his jaw was as advertised, he would not have survived.

He showed that he had heart. This had never really been questioned to this point in his career; however, what we did not know is how he would handle true adversity, or insert the overused boxing idiom here, “deep waters”. We found out that he would go out on his shield if that’s what it took.

Now the bad. I’ve never been a fan of Wilder’s footwork, but you know what, it works for him. His boxing skills are not as polished as some of the other bigs, but again, you know what, it works for him. He was a relatively late starter to the fight game and that said, this dude continues to learn many things from every fight and gets better.

When you have the type of punching power that the Tuscaloosa, Alabama native has, you can do what works for you, critics be damned. Will it catch up with you against the right opponent? Sure, but so will your skills even if they are polished. It’s about facing the wrong opponent with the right style to make you pay. Forty times in a row he has not met that opponent.

Current Status……..Can Krusher

Will Sergey Kovalev ever be relevant again? Why Mikhalkin? Why Shabranskyy? We know Kovalev can dominate the lower tier fighters and it’s understood that a tune up fight was needed after the two Ward losses; however, when you’re considered one of the best, you need to fight the best.

Let’s take a deeper look here as we may have witnessed signs of Mr. Kovalev’s decline for years but were afraid to admit it.

Back in 2014, he rocks Bernard Hopkins in the first round but can’t stop his 49-year-old opponent. Ok, I know, I know, Hopkins is a legend but at 49 he went the distance with then, arguable a top 5-7 P4P fighter in Kovalev landing counter right after counter right keeping Kovalev honest to the distance.

Rewatch his first fight with Jean Pascal in 2015, he was touched repeatedly and cleanly. Had Pascal packed a wallop, Kovalev would have been in deep trouble that night. Granted, Kovelev stops him in the rematch but as a P4P fighter, he should have taken care of business the first time. What about his fight with Isaac Chilemba a year later? That was the best damn Chilemba we’ve ever seen, or was it due to his opponent?

Now the Andre Ward debacles. Yes, he put Ward down early in the first fight but he lost the fight. For several months afterwards, he took to social media with posts/tweets about how he would do this and that to Ward in the rematch. Not only did he not back it up but rather, he was dominated and stopped.

The signs have been there all along, we just have not been receptive to them?
Go Vegetarian, All The Cool Kids Are Doing It…

Not exactly what we need going into one of the most highly anticipated rematches. A few days ago, it was reported that Canelo Alvarez had failed a voluntary drug test. Confirmed by Golden Boy Promotions, Alvarez tested positive for trace levels of Clenbuterol, a product of contaminated meat. It is alleged that the meat is from mexican cows. VADA will continue to re-test and test Alvarez leading up to his May 5 rematch against Genady Golovkin.

This will lose its effect as the days and weeks lead into the fight; however, should Alvarez win, or worse, win in dominating fashion, this will rear its ugly head as soon as the fight ends, mooooooo.

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