Snippets On Arguably The Hottest Topics In The Sweet Science This Week

Axe Handled 

Vasyl Lomachenko is good, that is all. Note: See Pound4Pound Roalty article.

Don’t Quit, Suffer Now And Live The Rest Of Your Life Like A Champion…Or Not…

Nicholas Walters didn’t want to continue after the seventh round against Lomachenko, not exactly what we would expect from an undefeated fighter who was considered to be entering the peak of his career. In his defense, he was facing Lomachenko but WOW. He stated after the fight that a shot from the champion off of his temple had damaged him to the point where it would have been unsafe to continue. Cue the “No Mas” references in 5,4,3..

Luck O’The Irish 

Terry Flanagan (32-0 13 KO) was mentioned as a future opponent for Lomachenko by Bob Arum. Although as expected, he defeated Orlando Cruz (25-5-1 13 KO, by 8th round stoppage) he is going to need some better opposition prior to that opportunity. 

“Haye No Fair, Bellew Gets That Work With Hayemaker?”  

David Haye (26-2 24 KO) and Tony Bellew (28-2-1 18 KO) at the O2 in London on March 4th?? Why?? Bellew who just beat the career long under-achiever B.J. Flores last month gets to move up and face Haye? I’d rather see Bellew against Mairis Briedis than getting Rod Salka’d by a Hayemaker. 

More Than Meets The Eye

At the conclusion of the Kovalev-Ward scrap, I had Kovalev winning by a slight edge without scoring it. After hearing the decision, thought it was wrong but after scoring it, had Ward as the winner oddly with the same score as the judges; however I rightly gave Kovalev the 10th, unlike all three judges cards. Ward 114-113, with Rounds 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 11.

Pound4Pound Royalty

In Standing-8’s fight preview for the Vasyl Lomachenko (7-1  5 KO)  v. Nicholas Walters (26-1-1 21 KO) fight we stated that Lomachenko was, “part throwback, part modern day, and quite frankly, something from the future”, on Saturday night, he again was all three.

From the opening round, there was Lomachenko, transforming into Hi-Tech, a Transformer/Terminator doing what he does best, jab, hook, cross, to the body, to the head, countering, spinning, head movement and the footwork, oh the footwork.

Here’s a clip of the brilliance that is Lomachenko-

After a brief feeling out round to start the bout, the Ukrainian settled in and every round was a carbon copy of the next. Loma does what Loma wants to do.

Jab to the body, jab to the head, hook, cross, tap, tap, boom. Mixes it up on his terms and his terms only. Uses head movement and footwork of the highest levels, counter, spin, etc…Google Search….Sweet Science = Vasyl Lomachenko….

To be fair, Walters had a few moments, ok, less than a few, but… a few shots to the body at times, landing a hook here and there but when he went to land another he was swinging at air.  Round after round Lomachenko systematically broke Walters down.  It was similar to what he did to Gary Russell Jr. except this time his opponent quit.

At the end of the 7th round, Lomachenko was toying with Walters landing a tornado of punches as the bell ended.  Lomachenko motioned Walters to his corner as if to say, “take a seat son, this one’s about done”. 👊

A few moments later Walters and his corner told referee Tony Weeks, dare I say it……”No Mas”.  Lomachenko TKO end 7, successful first defense of his WBO super featherweight title.

In his post fight interview, Lomachenko stated, “I want Vargas” refereing to title holder Francisco Vargas (23-0-2 17 KO). In addition, there is the rematch with Orlando Salido whom promoter Bob Arum said, “That’s unfinished business”.

After only eight fights, and not that he wasn’t already there, you can firmly place Lomachenko in the top 10 P4P, check that, top 5. Yes, after only eight fights as a pro, unheard of.

A few times during the fight, the broadcast team compared Lomachenko to a few greats of the past, Willie Pep, Pernell Whitaker, he does some things that are modern day; however, he is giving us a look into the “Hi-Tech” future of boxing. We have not been here before and it is amazing.

A boxer or puncher on whatever terms he dictates, and whenever he chooses, he is truly special and the epitome of the sweet science.

The Return Of The King

In February of 1988, in a hospital in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine, Mr. and Mrs. Anatoly Lomachenko welcomed their new baby boy into the world and named him Vasyl, meaning “king”. Ever since the then he has been fulfilling the prophecy.

Vasyl won gold at the 2008 & 2012 Olympic Games, and is arguably the best amateur fighter of all time compiling a mind-boggling record of 396-1, his only defeat, avenged…..twice for good measure.

The blood lines for athletic greatness were strong, his mother a gymnast and trainer, his father an amateur fighter and trainer who has provided the wise guidance to Vasyl since the beginning.

“I can’t even remember how old I was when I first started boxing, but I was very very young” Lomachenko has said. “When I was born, I think they took me straight from the hospital to the gym”

No doubt.

Lomachenko (6-1 4 KO) is poetry in motion.  The footwork unmatched, the style as smooth as silk. His skill set is part throwback, part modern-day, and quite frankly, something from the future. Since turning pro in 2013, “Hi-Tech” has dazzled us and caused our minds’ eye to take a moment to process what it just saw . He moves forward then back landing jabs, power crosses and hooks. He works both efficiently to the head and body. The movements as effortless as a painter’s strokes on a canvas,  a physical acknowledgement to the hours of dance lessons learned early in life.

Lomachenko is a refreshing addition to, the at times, monotonous performances in the squared circle. He has speed for days and can also bang as evident by his recent string of three straight knockouts.

When the Ukrainian knuckled up with Gary Russell Jr., he was in with arguably the quickest hands in the game. But there was Lomachenko, masterfully defensive as he countered the speed with his movement while surprising Russel Jr. with his own lightning. A southpaw by trade, he was brilliant, immediately going to Russell Jr.’s body from the opening bell to ensure his opponent’s biggest asset would decrease round by round. It was obvious in the championship rounds that the game plan had been executed for optimal effectiveness.

By besting Russell, Lomachenko captured the vacant WBO featherweight title and oh, while he was at it, tied Saensak Muangsurin’s record for the fastest to win a world title as a pro.

In his last fight on June 11,  Lomachenko stopped the tough as nails Roman Martinez (29-3 17 KO) in the fifth round with a beautiful partial left uppercut-right cross combination . It was evident early on that Martinez was just not in the same class with the fighter who had twenty-eight fewer fights.

Said Lomachenko after stopping Martinez, a fight he dedicated to The Greatest, the late great Muhammad Ali,

“I want to line up all the best fighters at 130 and see who the best fighter is……..I just came to do my job”

Speculation was that Lomachenko would look to avenge the only loss of his young career in his next bout, a rematch with Orlando Salido, but…..The Axe Man cometh.

The rematch against Salido can be scheduled at a later date… or not. To be honest, we’d rather see Lomachenko in against the Walters’ and Rigondeaux’s of the world. Even grossly outweighed and illegally fouled throughout the fight, Lomachenko still only lost by the slightest of margins via split decision. Lomachenko about had Salido out at the end and while Salido is as tough as they come his skill set is not on par and he would be exposed in a rematch.

And now we get to the matter at hand… this Saturday’s meeting against Jamaican Nicholas Walters (26-0-1 21 KO) from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for the WBO World super featherweight title. These are the types of matchups that the fans want to see.

Walters is very compact in his approach and doesn’t waste energy. He is very calculated and throws a sneaky and timely right uppercut. At times, he gets a bit wide on his punches and is susceptible to a power shot down the middle. A straight ahead fighter who uses the shoulder roll effectively and understands how to throw punches from it. He also has a significant reach advantage in this one but for a compact fighter not adept on fighting on the outside, it will be interesting to see if it makes a difference.

If there is one Achilles heel for Walters it is his inability to effectively fight off his back foot. In reviewing tape on Walters, when he is forced to work off his back foot, he does not throw punches and his activity level is non-existent. Very few fighters today work on the outside as well as Lomachenko, his movement will force Walters to fight off his back foot and turn him into a mostly defensive fighter looking for one shot.

Walters is at his best when he is in tight and fighting in close quarters. There will be opportunities in this fight for that to happen but few and far between. The Ukrainian will not oblige Walters in a slugfest but will however, pick and choose when he will throw his own power shots for maximum damage. Make no mistake, Lomachenko can bang, but he is like a surgeon, calculated in his approach and will do so on his own terms.

Another key factor will be the head movement of Lomachenko. He is very skilled at slipping and dodging punches while countering with blistering speed. In addition, while using the aforementioned effortless footwork of a dancer, he is known to spin out of harms way while landing punches with bad intentions. If there is one shot that Lomachenko may have an opportunity to land in this fight, it’s the check left hook. It will be interesting to see if it unfolds.

Walters last faced a southpaw in 2014 when he stopped Vic Darchinyan in five but the Armenian had moments due to his unorthodox movement as he forced Walters to fight off his back foot. Again, something Walters will face against Lomachenko; however, against this lefty, he will be in deep and many, many, levels above in class.

Make no mistake, this will be an excellent matchup that will push both fighters, the best fighting the best, how refreshing.

At the end of the day, the call here is Lomachenko. He has too many tools in the tool belt and his ring generalship is about the best in the game. To already be in the P4P fighter discussion after only seven fights is unheard of. Walters will bring out the best in Lomachenko and we will again have to adjust our focus, grab the remote and rewind the tape to validate what we just saw.

…….It’s good to be the king.



Press Release  For Immediate Release



Photo Credit: Ed Mulholland/HBO


VERONA, NEW YORK (Dec. 17) – Fighters featured on the December 19 HBO Boxing After Dark and HBO Latino shows shared their final thoughts ahead of Saturdays fights at the final press conference today at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. Former heavyweight world title contender Bryant “By – By” Jennings (19-1, 10 KOs) of Philadelphia was joined at the final press conference by his opponent Cuban heavyweight Luis “The Real King Kong” Ortiz  (23-0, 20 KOs), who will clash in the main event on the HBO Boxing After Dark telecast on Saturday for the WBA Interim Heavyweight World Title.

Jennings and Ortiz were joined by co-main event fighters former WBA Featherweight and Super Featherweight World Champion Nicholas “Axe Man” Walters (26-0, 21 KOs and Jason Sosa (18-1-3, 14 KOs) who will battle Saturday in a 10-round super featherweight fight.

Also at today’s press conference were HBO Latino Boxing main event fighters Yuneski Gonzalez (16-1, 12 KOs) and Vyacheslav “Lion Heart – Chigonsky” Shabranskyy (14-0, 12 KOs) who will fight a 10-round light heavyweight bout; HBO Latino Boxing co-main event fighters “King” Gabriel Rosado (21-9, 13 KOs) and former IBF Welterweight World Champion Joshua “Grand Master” Clottey (39-5, 22 KOs) who will battle in a 10-round middleweight bout; and former WBA and IBF Featherweight World Champion Yuriorkis Gamboa (24-1, 17 KOs) and opponent Hylon Williams Jr. (16-1-1, 3 KOs) who will open up the HBO Latino Boxing broadcast in a 10-round lightweight bout. 

Below is what the fighters and their teams had to say at today’s final press conference at Turning Stone Resort Casino:

BRYANT “BY-BY” JENNINGS, Former Heavyweight World Title Contender:

“Thank everyone for this fight and making this event happen. Preparation went as planned. I moved to Florida and had a great camp; it was a great environment. There will be no surprises on Saturday.”

LUIS “THE REAL KING KONG” Ortiz, WBA Interim Heavyweight World Champion:

“I have worked very hard to be here, and I will not waste this opportunity. We will see on Saturday who is the best.

“I am a man of few words and will let my hands to the talking.”

ERIC GOMEZ, Senior Vice President at Golden Boy Promotions:

“To make the best fights you need to have great partners getting together that will make fair deals.

“These fighters are hungry and ready to brawl on Saturday. Bryant Jennings had a great performance at Madison Square Garden recently. Luis Ortiz is just as hungry. I want to thank Gary Shaw, HBO, Mario Serrano and everyone that has been part of this promotion. It has truly been a pleasure.”

BERNARD HOPKINS, Business Partner at Golden Boy Promotions and Future Hall of Famer:

“2015 is the best year I will remember as a promoter. We’ve had excellent fights, competitive match ups this year. This is what boxing needs at this moment, and Golden Boy Promotions has been instrumental in helping deliver these entertaining fights to the fans. Jennings vs. Ortiz will be yet another one of those entertaining, high-action fights the fans want to see.”

MARIO SERRANO, Public Relations Director for Gary Shaw Productions:

“I want to thank HBO, Gary Shaw Productions, Golden Boy Promotions and the WBA.  With the WBA Interim title on the line, we at GSP believe Bryant Jennings will be victorious.  He has a new coach in John David Jackson and they are working harmoniously together.”

JOHN DAVID JACKSON, Trainer for Bryant Jennings:

“Thank you to Turning Stone Resort casino for hosting this event and to Gary Shaw Productions for making this event happen.

“Thank you to team Jennings, and to Bryant for being part of this team. Saturday, you’ll see. We will prove that we are the best.

“Bryant has worked hard this is what he wants and what he desires. He will be the heavyweight world champion of the world.

HERMAN CAICEDO, Trainer for Luis “The Real King Kong” Ortiz:

“Camp has been going well. We have been in camp for than more than a year. Luis lives in the gym – he doesn’t take a day off.”

“We have prepared well for this fight, and he has been doing his due diligence. I will not be surprised when he wins.”

“Luis has a lot of reasons to win and persevere. Saturday night, we will have the victory; it’s coming.”

LEE SAMUELS, Director of Public Relations at Top Rank:

“Thank you to HBO for all that they do for boxing. Thank you to Golden Boy Promotions- everyone there is a great person and we have a wonderful relationship.

“This is a big year for Top Rank. Bob Aram is celebrating his 50th year in boxing- Muhammad Ali, Marvin Hagler, Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Herns, Roberto Duran, Oscar De La Hoya, Manny Pacquiao, George Forman, and now here we are at Turning Stone Resort Casino for this very meaningful fight for us with Walters vs. Sosa.

“It will be a tough battle with two tough stars and big stakes for the winner.

“Nicholas is very powerful and had a great amateur career. This is his first time at 130 pounds, so we are not sure what we will see on Saturday night with him.”

NICHOLAS “AXEMAN” WALTERS, Undefeated Former World Boxing Association (WBA) Featherweight World Champion:

“As they say, 130 lbs. is his territory. I am willing to fight at whatever weight. I had an excellent training camp in Panama.

“We are going to be OK. I hope he is ready because we are going to put on a good fight. Thanks to HBO and all the promoters. I want to make a big statement for 2016-we are ready.”

JASON “EL CANITO” SOSA, Junior Lightweight Contender:

“Thank you to God; thanks to HBO for believing in me; thanks to Top Rank, Russell Peltz, and Golden Boy Promotions. Training camp has been great, and my game plan is excellent. I’m ready to give the fans what they want.

“Walters is coming in to my territory at 130 lbs. There is a big difference in this weight division compared to what he is used to. He will find out really quick what I am really all about.”

JOE DEGUARDIA, President of Star Boxing:

“It is great to be here at Turning Stone Resort Casino and is a pleasure to work with Golden Boy Promotions, looking to go great things together. Thank you to HBO as well. This will be a spectacular show.

“Yuniesky Gonzalez came up from Cuba, Mexico, and Florida to try and find a manager. He is an accomplished fighter, and I have tremendous high hopes for him. This will be a big fight between two warriors, and he is not going to disappoint.”

Yuniesky Gonzalez, Light Heavyweight Contender:

“Thank you to God for giving me this moment. Thank you to my promoters, Star Boxing and Golden Boy Promotions and HBO for everything.

“I feel good. I have the reality of Shabranskyy, but I feel very good. He is a good fighter, but I have come a long way and I am going to make a statement.”

Vyacheslav Shabranskyy, Undefeated Light Heavyweight Contender:

“Thank you. I am ready and it will be a great fight. I am ready to go.”

JOSHUA “GRAND MASTER” CLOTTEY, Former IBF Welterweight World Champion:

“Thanks to HBO for everything they have done for me. I wouldn’t be where I am in my career without them. I am ready for this opportunity.”

YURIORKIS GAMBOA, Former WBA and IBF Featherweight champion:

“Thank you to God and thanks to HBO for trusting me. That is what I am here for, to give an exciting night. Thanks to SMS Promotions for having me here and to continue my promotional deals.

“Thanks to HBO for the opportunity, and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

HYLON “Kid Cosmo” WILLIAMS JR., Lightweight Contender:

“This going to be a great show on Saturday. I am glad to be here. I’ve come to do what I’ve come to do. Thanks to SMS Promotions for having me and for supporting me.”

Tickets for the Dec. 19 HBO Boxing After Dark and HBO Latino Boxing event start at $25, $35 and $60 for ringside seats plus applicable fees and are available at the Turning Stone Resort Box Office by calling 315-361-7469 or online at Ticketmaster (


Jennings vs. Ortiz is a 12-round heavyweight bout fight for the WBA Interim Heavyweight Title presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Gary Shaw Productions and is sponsored by Corona, Mexico – Live It to Belive It! and Carmelita Chorizo. Walters vs. Sosa is a 10-round junior lightweight bout presented by Top Rank in association with Peltz Boxing Promotions and Warriors Boxing Promotions. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. ET and first fight begins at 6:05 p.m. ET, and the HBO Boxing After Dark telecast begins live at 10:15 p.m. ET/PT.


Gonzalez vs. Shabranskyy, is a 10-round light heavyweight bout presented by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Star Boxing. The HBO Latino Boxing telecast begins at 12:15 a.m. ET/PT (tape delay).


Host of the event, the Oneida Nation’s Turning Stone Resort Casino continues to distinguish itself as a premier destination for blockbuster boxing matches. The December 19 fight will mark Turning Stone Resort Casino’s 16th nationally-televised boxing event in three years, cementing the resort as a mecca for knockout televised fights.  Located in Upstate New York, the destination resort offers world-class entertainment and gaming, award-winning accommodations, a diverse mix of restaurants, two luxury spas and several nightlife options.

Rigon(deaux) In The New Year


Guillermo Rigondeaux (15-0 10 KO ) overcame his opponent’s height and reach advantage and a seventh round knockdown to stop Japan’s Hisashi Amagasa (28-5-1 19 KO) by  eleventh round TKO in route to retaining his WBO and WBA super bantamweight titles at the Bodymaker Colluseum in Osaka, Japan on the eve of the new year.

Amagasa jumped on Rigondeaux at the opening bell and threw a flurry of punches that were mostly blocked by Rigondeaux gloves. The round proceeded into a feeling out process as Rigondeaux tried to solve his opponent’s six and a half inch height and three inch reach advantage.  

In round two, Rigondeaux, a southpaw, started to find a home for the overhand left which was being set up nicely by his jab. Amagasa’s face was visibly starting to show the effects of The Jackal’s power as he started to swell around both eyes.  In the third round,  Rigondeaux started crouching and fighting low causing Amagasa to negate his own height advantage as he lowered himself to try and land his arsenal on Rigo. Due to Rigondeaux’s superior athleticism,  he parried most of Amagasa’s assault while countering him repeatedly. 

As he did in the first three rounds,  Rigondeaux strategically allowed Amagasa to be the aggressor and move forward as he countered the challenger with a stiff jab and power hooks. Rigondeaux picked up his speed and movement in round four and landed quick shots at his onrushing foe but Amagasa was able to land a few punches of his own and may have had his best round through four. 

To start the fifth,  Rigondeaux landed a stiff straight left that seemed to buckle Amagasa. Sensing he may have hurt his opponent,  Rigondeaux moved forward and went left hand crazy landing several overhand lefts as Amagasa reeled into the ropes.  Amagasa recovered and the action resumed as it had the previous four rounds, Amagasa moving forward and Rigondeaux picking him off with quick jabs and left crosses. 

Rigondeaux controlled the entire sixth round with his movement as he utilized some of the finest footwork you will ever see.

In the seventh, it all seemed to be going well for Rigondeaux until he spun around Amagasa and was caught by a quick right which dropped him with thirty seconds left in the round.  Rigondeaux was up quickly but Amagasa charged the champion and swung wildly landing a solid right that seemed to momentarily stun the champion. As Rigo tried his best to tie up Amagasa he was pushed down to the canvas and it was (incorrectly) ruled a knockdown by referee Mike Ortega. Rigondeaux was up quickly as the round ended. 

Said Rigondeaux, “The first punch which caused the knockdown was not a powerful blow. I was caught off balance and suffered a flash knockdown. I was not hurt, but I had to be on guard as my opponent gained confidence and threw everything at me in that round,”

Energized by his heroics in the seventh, Amagasa went on the attack in the eighth but Rigondeaux calmly countered him repeatedly with straight left crosses and was beginning to sit down on his punches. Again using beautiful lateral movement and parrying punches in the ninth, Rigondeaux controlled all aspects of the round. All of the damage done by his left hand was evident as Amagasa’s right eye was a protruding mass to close the round.

In the tenth, Rigondeaux moved forward as the aggressor and Amagasa was forced to fight going backwards which clearly took him out of his comfort zone.  Rigondeaux dropped Amagasa with a beautifully timed straight left half way through the round.  Amagasa got up but was a little wobbly on his feet. Rigondeaux took his time and walked down Amagasa landing multiple combinations to the bell.

Looking like a beaten fighter entering the eleventh with both eyes closing and the left side of his face swollen , Amagasa did very little as Rigondeaux continued to land just about anything that he threw.  At the close of the round, Amagasa went to his stool where the fight was stopped by his corner.

At the time of the stoppage, Rigondeaux was leading on all cards with scores of, 107-99 X2 and 105-101. This was Rigondeaux’s seventh defense of his WBA and fourth defense of his WBO 122 pound titles. 

Rigondeaux boxed beautifully throughout the fight and was intent on being more active. “The boxing public has been asking for more action, so I delivered” said Rigondeaux.

“I have a lot of skills. On Wednesday night, I showed I can mix it up and, more importantly, that I can close the show in devastating fashion.”

Manager Gary Hyde agreed, “The fans have hinted that they want blood and guts, and Rigo certainly showed he can massacre fighters if needs be.”

On what is next for Rigondeaux,  Hyde stated, “Rigo is looking at forcing the WBA to order the (Scott) Quigg fight. He would like the (Leo) Santa Cruz fight, also, but the guy wants no part of him”

“Santa Cruz is a joke. I will not attend the show,” said Rigondeaux referring to Santa Cruz’s Janury 17 date against Jesus Ruiz  “I have no interest in watching him fighting another soft opponent”

There is so much high level talent here and around this division with Rigondeaux, Carl Frampton, Leo Santa Cruz, Scott Quigg, Vasyl Lomachenko, Nicholas Walters, Abner Mares, that it would make sense to hold a tournament. That would be epic.